Cloud Services

Cloud Services we recommend, install and support …

There are many cloud services available and we have spent time working through and testing a large number of different types of software and our recommendation on the best options are

Email System

GoogleMail (GMail) as part of Google Apps. This can be in the paid for business premium setup or the standard free system. To compare the standard and business edition have a look at this link:

Document Access & Sharing

There are a few tools here, each serves the same purpose but offers slightly different options depending on the  customers requirements

Syncplicity allows folders across computers to be shared and syncronised so the syncronised data can even be  accessed when you leave your connection to the internet. This is an excellent service but tends to only be cost effective to some client setups.

Google Apps / Google Docs this offers limited storage space (1GB) however it does allow unlimited storage of google docs files and therefore if you want to use the online Word,

Spreadsheet and Powerpoint tools then this is an excellent solution and integrates very well (obviously) with Gmail!

If you want to check the status of the different Google Apps services we recommend – maybe you want to see how reliable it has been before you go and sign up, or maybe you have a problem and want to eliminate Google as being the problem.  Well this is the site to check for live status reports on Google services –


Dropbox this is a great way to bring all of your music, photos, videos and documents together in stored folders that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.  It is a free service for 2GB to 8GB, quick and easy to download!  What’s more you can share your folders with others, for whatever purpose required.  Know too that if anything was to happen to your devices, your files saved on Dropbox can be accessed from the website itself!

Cloud Backup

Carbonite whilst not the cheapest solution around it is excellent and provides an unlimited amount of storage space for a fix cost. However unlike other systems you have to pay per computer which can prove costly but if you have a lot of data to upload then definitely the best solution to go for.

Acronis is efficient and high spec back-up and recovery software, which can be suited effectively for all business types and sizes, working with the protection of physical,virtual and cloud environments.

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If you would like to discuss your needs for cloud services and which options are best for you please get in touch!