There are loads of great Media Software about these days.  Here are some of our personal favourites.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

RRP: Upgrade from £57.58, Full from £76.38

Adobe Photoshop Elements is perfect for any beginner to start editing photos to produce excellent results.  It makes photo editing easy, fun and interesting!

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RRP: Free

Picasa is a software download from Google which helps you to organise your photos, publish your photos online and edit your photos.  And best of all its free!

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RRP: Free

iTunes is the Media Player from Apple.  You can upload, download, play, buy, hire and burn a huge variety of media such as movies, TV series, podcasts, music and much more!  It is a must have for anyone who likes to listen to music or watch TV.  Also if you have an ipod you must have iTunes to add media onto it.

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RRP: Free

Skype is a great feature which allows you to chat with anyone around the world (providing that they have Skype installed).  Not only can you chat but you can also instant message for free too.  It is a great tool to have especially to keep in contact with friends and family at University or abroad.

To make the most of Skype you should get a Skype Phone and/or a web cam with a microphone.  Two Skype phone reviews are available on!

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RRP: Free

VLC is a free tool that will allow you to play DVD’s without using a multimedia decoder.  It is very versatile as it reads various audio and video formats.  The Media Player also works with DVD’s and VCD’s. It’s great for people with Vista Home or Business or anyone who is having multimedia player problems!

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RRP: Free Designer then Book Price £7.95-£274.95

MyPhotobook is a website and software which allows you create your photos into a book!  All you do is download their free software, design the book and then order it!  A great idea for a gift!

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