Computer Security

There are thousands of different security software available to download and buy.  Here is what we can recommend.


RRP: Free-£59.99 (For Home Users)

AVG is an effective, powerful and reliable anti-virus system for home and business users alike.  AVG stays up to date with all the latest virus protection to ensure that you’re system stays safe and virus free!

There are loads of articles and tutorials available on and the Brandstar website!

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AVG Save 15%

Spybot Search & Destroy

RRP: Free!

Spybot Search and Destroy searches for and removes any Spyware on your computer.  Spyware is a computer software that can be secretly installed on a computer to intercept or take control areas of your computer without you realising.

Check out Spybot Tutorials on a Resources Page!

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RRP: Free-£16.18

Malwarebytes is a program developed to identify and remove malicious software (Viruses and Trojans) from your computer.

Here’s some generic steps to removing a virus with Malwarebytes

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