Email vs Social Media

December 7, 2011 – 11:06 am

The BBC recently posted an article about how some are saying Email will be a thing of the past, as current teens and younger are using email less than they use messaging systems on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ or the less popular Bebo and MySpace.  It is hard to see that happening when Email is such a crucial part of our lives, especially in the work place but even for those at home it is used daily by so many just to keep in touch.

At Brandstar we can see the benefits of Messaging through social media, especially as more and more businesses begin to use the technology marketing and interacting with their customer base.  But how do we manage it?  At the moment many of our clients dread opening their inbox on a Monday morning wondering how many emails they will have to deal with, let alone coming in and one day having to check facebook, twitter, google+ and inevitably their email account for those that haven’t kept up with modern technology.

We can see it potentially working if there was a good tool that pulled data from all sites where the business could get messages from and allow the user to read, reply and manage from that one application. MultiMi ( which AVG have taken on is an application that does this, or at least tries to do this, however we tried it and didn’t like it.  There is probably a use for it in the personal/home user world but not in the work place in our opinion.  So for it to work there needs to be a top platform that keeps users productive!

The next question is, how do you stop employees using facebook for personal communications while at work!

What do you think?  Will Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn take over the world?  Or will email reign for a little while longer… :-)  Have a read of the BBC article, it has some interesting ideas –

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