AVG 9 – Why upgrade?

January 3, 2010 – 9:00 am

In 2009 AVG released an upgrade to their award winning anti-virus product range, we’re now on version 9! But why should people upgrade? We have been testing and using AVG Internet Security so that is what we will base this post on.

  1. Internet SecurityIf you have a valid AVG license then the upgrade to version 9 of the product you have a license for is FREE! What other reasons do you need?
  2. The thing we are most impressed with is the advancement of the Firewall, this is the one component we felt had let AVG down in the past, whilst it has worked well it has been a pain to configure.  The firewall now has a database of safe applications so users don’t get asked about all the expected applications being allowed access to the Internet!  Very helpful for the vast majority of users.
  3. The other thing about the firewall that were are finding better is if we select the ‘Small & Home Office Profile’ it now allows printer and file sharing without having to go into the settings and adjust them, which makes the setup easier and does what you expect it to!
  4. The ‘Identity Theft Protection’ (IDP) component is now included in the main application window, so the extra little icon you would have been used to seeing down by the clock in the right hand corner has gone but the software hasn’t, if you open up AVG you will see it in the component window.
  5. The interface has changed, but let’s be honest…that’s not a selling point really ;)
  6. The installation process has been improved and if installing the firewall component, AVG will ask simple questions that even a novice can get right about how you connect to the Internet and also what type of computer you’re using (desktop/laptop)
  7. Finally  the last change we want to highlight is the Optimized Scanning after install, this scan will run and basically draw enough information from the system, current programs etc that will allows your daily, weekly, monthly Anti-Virus scan to run far smoother.  Incidentally we recommend for most home users a weekly scan to be sufficient as the resident shield is checking the system in real-time anyway.

So there we have it, 7 reasons of why to upgrade to AVG 9.  Check out the following links to tutorials we have on AVG 9 and previous reviews of AVG software.

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